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Quadrapod EliteTM  Copy Stand

U.S. Patent  7,789,356
Quadrapod EliteTM with camera in position and all sections collapsed

The Quadrapod EliteTM is the second generation of the QuadrapodTM Copy Stand. The Elite features 3 section, telescoping tube legs (~14" - 36"), and a camera carriage that can traverse an 18" (or longer) extruded BLACK aluminum beam.  The overall footprint can be adjusted by repositioning the outriggers along the beam.
The Quadrapod EliteTM is a stable, rugged platform that will support cameras, lenses, or illumination devices.
All threaded inserts and studs are standard 1/4" x 20.

Foot print with sections open:

 Section one 20" x 23" - approximate working level: 14"
Section two 27" x 35" - approximate working level: 23"
  Section three 37" x 43" - approximate working level: 32"

Weight: approximately 6 pounds, with bag

QuadrapodTM Elite Copy Stand   $345.50

Normal shipping - FedEx Ground plus $8.00 handling