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The Quadrapod Family 

The QuadrapodTM Copy Stand family of camera stands are sold by Quadrapod Technologies or designated affiliates. These stands are superior to all others when used for close-up and measurement purposes (in the field or in the lab). The stands are very portable due to their light weight and easy assembly (or disassemby).  Four legs are much more stable than a traditional tripod, especially, when used for close-up or macro photography.  Both Quadrapod copy stands are sold with quick release heads, carbon fiber legs and a storage bag.  The Quadrapod Classic is a rugged, stable copy stand while the Quadrapod Elite offers all the basic features plus additional functionality with a larger adjustable footprint and traveling carriage.

Recent enhancements to both Quadrapod Copy Stands included lightweight carbon fiber telescoping tube legs.  The new legs feature a twist-type locking device for securing each leg at the length needed to capture the image.

Some of the QuadrapodTM Copy Stand family applications are in:

  •  Handwriting and Questioned Documents
  •  Travel and Identity Documents collections
  •  Fingerprint identification
  •  Toolmarks 
  •  Blood spatter and body fluid pattern imaging
  •  Mortuary imaging
  •  Mass disaster and mass grave documentation
  •  Footwear and tire-track identification
  •  Personal identification
  •  Family lineage and history (Genealogy)
  •  Fossils  (Paleontology)
  •  Cultural artifacts (Archeology)
  •  Mushrooms (Mycology)
  •  Insects (Entomology)
  •  Earth Science (Geology)
  •  Postage Stamp (Philately)
  •  Poker chips, dice and playing cards
  •  Postcards
  •  Matchbooks
  •  Ammunition
  •  Poker chips, dice, playing cards (Chippers)
  •  Jewelry
  •  Civil War memorabilia
  •  Fishing lures
  •  Foreign Finds
  •  Ebay, advertising and general macro photography